Enabling Single Wavelength Trace Normalization in IonWizard

Enabling Single Wavelength Trace Normalization

Enabling Single Wavelength Trace Normalization

This is an application note intended to help users enable trace normalization functionality in IonWizard when using the "Single Wavelength" task in conjunction with a single excitation, single emission fluorophore (e.g. fluo-4/fluovolt/rhod-2/etc.).

After creating the Single Wavelength task in the task manager, add the task to an experiment:

While the Single Wavelength row is selected, click on the radial button BG and Normalized in the Edit Area field on the right side of the screen:

Once enabled, the functionality will be present in all data traces collected under the specified experiment.

In order to modulate normalization (default normalization factor is "1"), access the constants menu from the operations drop down:

Then modulate the normalization value to the desired background normalization:

Please note background subtraction retains both its presence and functionality.